Settling Back In

(Obviously we've met now, but we're still getting to know each other.)

The two weeks that Gwen has off from right before Christmas to the week following New Years is a funny place where time seems to mean very little. I had off from two of my regular classes, and only taught a few times in those two weeks. We woke up late, had lazy days, read and watched movies. Sometimes we'd venture out to spend gift cards, or pick up some groceries, and the very occasional errand or two happened (life doesn't actually stop?! what?). New Years was quiet, rung in at home with some Cherry 7up, and an extra puppy for the night.

But late last week we started taking down the Christmas decorations, putting the house back in order, and Gwen went back to school at the start of this week. I'm back to my normal teaching schedule, and its hard to believe that life is back to normal, though in a brand new year. It's always an interesting adjustment after break, and I have spent this week getting myself back on a normal sleep schedule. I'm a night owl, and left to my own devises, I reverse-cycle like a nursling, and end up half the night. 7am starts feel very early at the moment!

The celebrations, of which we have so many this year, start this weekend! I can't wait to share all that this year will hold with you. The special, the normal, the big, and the small. Here's to surprises, of the best kind, art and music and love and laughter. Here's to all that lay ahead in 2020.

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