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For the past two years, and now this year as well, I've set small reading goals for myself. I've always been a fast and voracious reader, but I had found that life kept getting in the way... or at least I kept letting myself be pulled to other things. So in 2018 I set a small goal of reading just 20 books that year. I met and exceeded that goal, so last year I upped that to 25. I met that goal as well, starting on my 26th book before the year was out (though I finished it this year).

(If you enjoy horror/suspense, or love Dracula, then check out Dracul.
Its an amazing addition to the world of vampires.)

I'm setting another 25 book goal for this year, and hoping that I exceed it. I've noted before my desire not to just read more, but to chose books intentionally... learning from voices, experiences, and cultures other then my own. So I started 2020 with this one:

While the author is a white woman, she has taken great care in her research and writing of this book to draw awareness to the vastly greater threat of violence and death that Indigenous Women face on a daily basis. I hope to read many books this year that challenge my though process, and that expand my horizons!

What are your favorite books? What are you reading this year?

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