So today, I changed by computer's backgrounds. It was a beautiful New England autumn scene, with lots of trees in full color surrounding a pristine lake, with bright blue skies overhead. It was really lovely, and I hope I can find it next autumn, as I forgot to save the picture before making it my background (and as of today, changing my background). Now for the past few weeks I have been looking at said background with longing, missing the cool, but not cold... and beautifully sunny days of autumn past. But today I realize that spring is here! And chilly wet weather aside, I would probably do better to look forward to the spring/summer ahead of me, vs. long for the autumn that is past. Especially since this spring/summer brings so much to look forward to (see last entry or the one before that)!!
So, today I changed my background to an awesome beach pic, with once again - bright blue skies, but this time they are overtop of palm trees, rocks, sand, and surf! Very hot. It makes me even more excited for AZ and CA... if that is possible... then I was before. And as AZ is less then a month, about 3.5 weeks away... it certainly is high time for some excitement to ooze in. Plus it is always better to be excited for the now and the soon to be, as opposed to always longing for what was. Spring is the season to remind us of that.

As for other news... last week Travis and I found a house that we both REALLY liked. We put in an offer. However, our excitement/nervousness didn't last long, as Monday we got the call that the owners had already accepted a bid right before they got ours. So that was some disappointment. This weekend, however, we go out again... the search continues, c'est la vie, and life goes on. We know there is a house out there for us somewhere... and we have hopes that we will find it soon.

After this weekend and before AZ, I have a weekend of work to "look forward to" - April 9-10 is the next History Institute that I have previously spoken of, and I get to work all weekend for that. This one isn't so exciting in that it is still held in PA, but the topic could be fun (Korea). So that weekend is a toss up.
The following weekend (15th-17th), Trav and I will be heading out to Pittsburgh to pack up a UHaul full of his parents furniture (that is unneeded in AZ), to bring back to Philly with us... which will, at some point, be used to fill our new house. Very exciting that we will have couches, tables, etc, that we don't have now. Will be tiring though I'm sure... and perhaps a bit emotional, as it will be the final weekend we ever spend in his parents Pittsburgh residence. They already have buyers and closing is in May. Not such a big deal to travis, as it wasn't the house he grew up in... but it is the only house I have ever known them to be in, so I think it will be weird for me. After that, it is AZ! Very exciting.

Hmm, what else... Well, Monday I started feeling real sick in the morning (on the train, no less)... so much so that I got off a stop before my normal one to go splash some water on my face, heave a few times, and try not to vomit. I succeeded in case you were wondering. And all day I had hardly any appetite. Tuesday morning I felt better then Monday, though still not great. Still not much of an appetite. Yesterday I thought I was in the clear, didn't feel nauseaus, but still couldn't eat. At this point, I'm figuring that maybe if nothing else, this could turn into an okay diet... but by 8 pm or so, I felt real sh*tty and sick again. So we will see how today plays out. So far I'm feeling fine. Better appetite then yesterday, but I will have to play it by ear. Hopefully this odd little bug is really gone.

Oh, and three cheers for me... I have continued to go on my walk every day after lunch... including yesterday which was the first day I did it in crappy rain. And it continues to lighten my mood and up my energy. Yay for walks.

Well, that is enough of that. Back to work.

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