Up and down and up and down...

So Trav and I sat down the other night to talk about one of the houses we had seen this past weekend... no, not the one that we both loved, but the one that I lovingly referred to as the "cotton candy hell" house. We're talking pink and teal here people. BUT it was a nice house, in great condition, with a roomy (though dated) kitchen and nice yard. The front is gorgeous, and the house is just generally well taken care of... except for the color scheme. Plus it is toward the bottom end of our price range, in a nice location. With the money we save sticking to the bottom of our range instead of the top, we would have so much more "breathing room" each month, and be able to better afford fixups. So after some debate, some "conditions", and much discussion, we have decided to put an offer on the house. We are meeting with our agent tomorrow, and submitting the paperwork.

I'm exciting and nervous, and scared and thrilled. I just want this search to be over with... I want to have our place.

Last night I was sick again... and I don't know if I actually have some sort of stomach virus/problem, or if the stress of the past few months has just really caught up with me. I might have to make a trip to my doctors soon. Hopefully with the next few weekends of distraction though, I will be feeling better.

Now here's my completely and utterly shameless plug...
If anyone would like to support your newly poor friends, and buy us a housewarming present, then head to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target and under the Registry section enter either Travis' or my name. It's technically a wedding registry, but we could certainly use any/all of it now!!! :-)

Hey, a girl has to try, doesn't she?

Ps. Also check out my hometown of Schnecksville... recently in the news.

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