just another manic Monday

Well, frustrating weekend behind me... this would still be a crappy rainy Monday. But its made all the better by the fact that we have "seen all there is out there" (who says that to you, really?!) according to our real estate agent, and as you've guessed... NADA. There was one we both really liked this past weekend, but as we were walking out, her real estate agent was walking in - with two offers. Lovely. Sometimes our agent Jim really annoyes me. I feel like he excludes houses that we might like, just to show off how much he knows about the areas. "Oh, well this road is way too busy..." or "No, this is getting to close to decline."
Sometimes I just wish he would let us be the judge of that.

For example, Saturday when we were done looking at the houses he had made appointments for that day, we headed back to his office, where he did another search. In the areas we are looking at, in the price range we can do, he pulled up 110 or so houses. Taking out the ones we have already seen (30+ by now), the ones that weren't in good condition, and then the ones that he didn't like for whatever reason... we were down to 2 houses. TWO F*IN HOUSES!!! I mean, are you kidding me?! It's just so frustrating. It's like we are are playing a game that we have no idea how to win. Half the time, I feel like I have no control, and that is really scary. Especially because I feel like there is this clock over my shoulder, tick tock- tick tock. I am trying to keep a good outlook... and I have been doing my own searches, sending emails to Jim with MLS numbers for bunches of houses. But by the time we get there, he has eliminated half of them at least.

On top of that was my loverly migrane headache last night, which made me nausaus. Luckily it was gone when I woke up this morning, but what an end the an already disappointing weekend. As for today, despite the rain and sunless skies, I am trying not to be too down. It's hard, because I'm just so frustrated... but I realize that there is still so much to look forward to. AZ is only about 3 weeks away. :-) That is one vacation that will be sooooo needed by the time it gets here.

Okay, well off I run to buy a new umbrella... and do my normal post-lunch walk indoors!

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