Spring "rebirthing".

So I am in an extremely good mood today! It feels like life is bringing me so much excitement lately. I have decided to stay with my job for a while, give it a shot to get better... which isn't really anything exciting... lol, but I just thought I would add that to keep all up-to-date. However I feel like so much other great stuff has come about, so I am not even worrying about the job stuff! (Plus my 10minute after lunch walks are doing WONDERS! Trav has even commented on how much happier I seem at the end of the day.)
So I'm just rambling here... let me take a moment, and just give you a "calendar" of sorts, and perhaps then I can actually type a cohesive paragraph. These are the upcoming things in my life that are making me excited, and keep me looking forward to all that is to come:

Tomorrow: No Work for Dr. Appt, but get to see my dad beforehand, Lauren and Laura afterwards.
April: ARIZONA!!! with Trav!, hopefully closing on a house!
May: Travis' Birthday, Megan's Graduation
June: Rochelle & Pat's wedding
July: California with Babs?!?!?!
August: My Birthday!, Cape Cod
September: Andy & Megan's wedding (Trav's brother)
October: 5 year anniversary

Hence my incredibly good mood!!!!!!!!!!
Plus, a certain friend of mine has just done the most incredible thing for me, which has made it possible for me to go to CA. She is the most amazing ever! So I have lots of things to look forward to, and wonderful friends whom just treat me amazing... what more could a girl ask for?! Really, life is very good right now. I can complain all I want about my job etc, but really I am trying to appreciate what i have a lot more. I have a steady income and health care (thanks to my job), and great coworkers. I have a loving fiance, and soon we will have our own house together. I have friends who do so much for me, and I get to look forward to exciting trips and fun to come with them.
I suppose the impending Spring helps... it always makes me feel a little more upbeat and excited about life when the weather starts to get warm again. Well, I have to get to work... but thanks to all the excitement, I have plenty of energy to expend!

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