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Well, sorry for the extreme quiet for the past week. It's been exhausting, but good.
Lets see... we spent last weekend at the house doing odds and end. Packing and taking boxes over, fixed the kitchen sink, cleaned the fridge... my parents came down and got to see the place. It was nice, especially because Travis didn't have to go camping. This past week was work and the norm, except that we headed to the house on Wednesday to take some stuff over. This past weekend was the longest though... friday night we were at the house until 2 a.m. pulling down the wallpaper border in our new bedroom... then Saturday we had to finish getting any scrapes of paper off the walls, wash them down, and then two coats of primer to get rid of the nasty corally pink walls (another 2 a.m. night). Then Sunday it was back to paint this time... 2 coats of a nice light blue, which turned out great. It was especially tough becasue we were both just burnt out from the long nights and long days, and were just hoping against hope that nothing else would happen to slow us down. Trav ended up having a small "tantrum" (as he called it later)... but once we calmed down and got working, everything went fine. We both love the color and it is the first big project we have done for the house. It was definitely tiring and hard work (your arms kill after a while!), but at least after we finish the trim this coming weekend, then we can start moving things into the bedroom. We will also be working on getting the kitchen all ready (which basically means giving it a little cleaning, and unpacking/putting away boxes of kitchen stuff). With both of those things done then we can basically be ready to move in. So the rest of our projects can be done at a more relaxed pace. :-) Thank god for that! The weekend ended nicely though, with the painting being done around 5p.m., we headed to Ro & Pat's to help them move a couch... then stayed and ate a great dinner and fresh from the oven, home-made chocolate chip cookies. Mmm. :-) I think that is one of my favorite desserts ever. So the weekend ended nicely, and there is so much more to look forward to!

This Weekend:
Hanging out with Ro on friday and having our fitting for her wedding (her-wedding dress, me-bridesmaid dress), Saturday hair appt and then heading to the house for more fix ups, Sunday possibility of my dad coming down and helping with switching the light fixture in our bedroom with the ceiling fan in the office/game room
May: Trav's 25th, Lehigh Graduation, and officially moving into our new place!!
June: Ro & Pat's Wedding
Rest of Summer: Cape Cod with Trav and his parents, CA with my Babwa?
Autumn: Trav's brother's wedding, our 5 year anny. etc etc etc. !!

Okay, I have to get back to work... but I will get back here sooner next time.

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