5-years (update)

Sorry for the silence... it's been a busy week. Besides normal work, Tuesday was a dentist appointment (sadists, all of them... but my choppers sure are shiny and bright), yesterday was lunch with three of my college boys (Apac, Slink, and Jon... sweet!), and today is a dermatologist appointment. So much stuff.
Not to mention that I'm still handling a few things for Jan until the end of the week, so she has a chance to play catch-up (in fact, there is a $50,000 check sitting on my desk right now that needs to be deposited! yipes!). You know what else there is today (wait, yesterday? today?)? Today is also 5-years since Mike and I did a power-hour (ahh, college) to count down until our country invaded another country (ahh, imperialism).

Half a trillion dollars later, what do you think of the war?

I think you can guess how I feel about it. But I also don't think we can rush out at this point (although can it really be called rushing out after 5 years?!)... we need a plan, a real plan. One with timelines (that aren't open-ended), numbers, and reasonable objectives.

On a nicer note, today is also the first day of Spring! Yay spring!! Don't forget to pick up your free water ice from Rita's!

Also, lunch yesterday was great! Really fun. I've missed Jon... he was one of our closes friends in college. Not to mention the timing was ironic since I was going through all those old pictures and feeling very nostgalic. This is one of the shots I pulled out:
That is Jon. And that is also the blue hair that I talk about all the time. I also pulled out this one, which is even older:
Don't we look ridiculously young?! I think I was 18 and Trav was 20 or 21 in this picture.

Anyway, on another interesting note, I had a crazy dream last night about Anthony Bourdain, in which he was my art teacher and he helped me make a clay sculpture. I'm not too surprised since Mr. Bourdain was on Top Chef (which we were watching right before bed)... I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on the guy.

Well, I have to get going... almost time to leave for my appointment. Happy Spring, y'all! :-)

ps. If you get a chance... head over to MayDayGirl and congratulate her on her pregnancy. I dare you to read about what they've gone through to become parents without getting choked up by their finally being sucessful.

Updated (4:30pm): I got a little bored at work... so I updated all my links (to the left). They should all be working now, and I've added a few more. Let me know if anything gives you trouble!

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