everyone deserves a lifetime.

Yesterday I was super productive at work, taking my email Inbox from around 78 emails to 22. Sweet. Results: One killer headache.

After work I headed straight from the train to a local library (in Swarthmore, which I have lived by for almost 3 years now and not really checked out... it's a really cute town!) for a "Get Started Meeting" for the 3-day. I wasn't going to attend one at first... none of the times were super ideal, and I was kind of thinking, what more info do I need, I'm already signed up. But I'm really glad I went. I got to find out the answers to those silly, nitty-gritty questions that aren't ever in the info packets, but that you all really want to know.
Example: what are the showers like? (so much nicer then you think.) will you pair me up for the tents if I didn't sign up with someone? (yes, but its worth it to consider joining a team.) can I really do this? (yes!) etc.
I'm even more pumped now then I was before, and more at ease with it too.

Remember, if anyone wants to donate to a great cause and support me while I put my body to the biggest test it has yet to encounter... just click on the pink link to the left. You can do it all securely online. Every little bit helps. Only have $20? GREAT! Can you do that next month too? AWESOME! There is an option for a certain amount a month, for up to four months. Or do it one time. Every bit helps.

As for today, well my coworker Jan is back in Florida until next Monday to make sure that her mom is getting settled in, and adjusting okay to living there on her own (those she does have nursing help... mama's health is not 100% either). After this she will be back for real, and just have the occational long weekend down there. I know this all has been so hard on her, but I'm really happy that she's going to be back.

Well, back to work for me. Ciao!

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