who's a hottie??

Oh yes, Meegs is a hottie... ;-)

My new glasses came last night... which was a great surprise after a super long day at work.

So a few brief points about yesterday, because I got to come in late today (which is great, but means busy afternoon!).
1. Jan is back! I am so damn happy she's here. And while she's still having a rough time, I think it's good that she can concentrate on something else. I'm just so happy she's here... I really missed her.
2. Work was long long long. Eleven and a half hours of long, thanks to a study group I had to be here for last night. But it went well and I got a lot of work done.
3. And halfway through the night I got a phone call. Didn't recognize the number, with good reason. The person on the other end of the line was a friend of mine I have not talked to since I was 18!! Eva! Man, I could not have been more surprised if it had been Colin Farrell on the other end of the line. Seriously. But it was great to talk to her and hopefully we'll talk again soon. Talk about catching up to do.

OH and as of this morning, I'm up to 37%!! Very exciting. :-)

Okay, back to work!


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~ Meegs