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So a belated joyus Purim to those who celebrate... it was friday, but I didn't realize until later in the day. I've been reading about lots of Easter celebrating in different blogs, but I have nothing much to add in that regard. We aren't religious, and neither of us are really what you might call Christian, so we didn't go to church. And as I mentioned before, this year we didn't make the trip down to my uncles, so no dying of eggs or eatings of chocolate baskets or listening to Jesus Christ Superstar either. We mostly just relaxed all weekend... dinner with friends Saturday night (very nice), pulling items together for our trip, and cooking a big steak for dinner on Sunday (we almost went out and got ham just for the occation, but Trav had found this beautiful thick steak.... so we ended up grilling that instead). I also spent some time sorting through pictures. My plan is to put all loose pictures into albums (pre-college, college, post-college, and family), although it is going to be quite the project, and who knows when it will actually get done! At least I started the sorting process.

In anycase, the whole weekend and the reading up on everyone else's weekend kind of made me miss my old church days. Not the church/religion part necessarily, but the routine, the fellowship, the communing and the spirtuality. Our house is surrounded by churches... literally there are five within walking distance, four more a short drive (5 minutes or less): But they are all Christian churches. Beautiful, probably lovely churches... that just aren't for me. Or for Travis. What I want is something like this (as referenced here, see Sunday #1). But obviously heading to Boise every Sunday isn't really workable, and I haven't found something similar nearby. I've been thinking about checking out this church, its not too far from our place and seems like it would be a nice fit for me. I just haven't made it yet because 1) its hard for me to get up on the weekend and give up that extra sleep (although a 1030 service is so very reasonable), and 2) I don't think that Travis would go with me and I'm not sure that I'm up to doing it on my own. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and give it a try... not this weekend or the next since we'll be on vacation, but maybe the following weekend? It is spring afterall! A time for new beginnings!

On a semi-related note*, I just read this article that was linked from Julie's blog. It's a beautiful, well-written account of some famous sister's (two of the Dixie Chicks) journeys to have a family. For someone who's thinking about starting a family in the near future (and whos always had that little "what if" worry in the back of her mind), its a touching piece.

Well, I have plenty of work to get through this week and only three and a half days to do it in (we leave on Friday, and tomorrow I'm coming in late because of a Dr. appt.)... so I should get to it. Zaijian!!

* Honestly, what doesn't make me think of kids these days... but spirituality definitely makes me think of kids since one of the reasons I'm feeling such an urge for a Sunday place at the moment is because I really do want to raise my children in a practice of godliness. I want them to have that routine and something to believe in. And I want to find my place first, before children come into the picture, so that the routine is comfortable already and easier to share. Make sense?


  1. I just found you via Mrs. Bluemont. Enjoyed looking around your blog. Just wanted to say that I think Unitarian Universalists rock, though I'm a Quaker girl myself. Love the non-violent, simplicity, silence stuff. Anyway, or also, since you love to read and you're from PA, I thought you might like this book: "WhenWeGetThere" by S.hauna S.eliy.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, looks like a good book... I'll check it out. And welcome. :-)


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