monday, monday (updated)

Feeling much better today, although the getting up this morning (with the time change) was a bit rough. I had become accustomed to having light in the mornings, waking up with the sun already risen. Now its back to dark. Ugh. It will be nice to still have sun when we get home in the evenings though... maybe Trav and I can start taking walks in the evenings again.

So Saturday turned out to be wonderful and lazy. Exactly what Trav and I both needed. It stormed like crazy too, so it was a good day to not go out. Intense rain, horrendous winds that ripped down tree branches and scattered debris. We lost power, but only momentarily... just enough to have to reset all the clocks, but I guess we were going to have to do that anyway! I ate blandly, but by the end of the day was feeling back up to snuff.

Sunday was nice also. I had plans to go walking with Ro, which we kept... then we met at my place later to head out and find her a bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding this August. We found two and she just needs to run them by the bride. After that we headed out to see The Other Boleyn Girl. It hasn't received the best of reviews, but Ro & I liked it.
Portman places the first used, then deceiving Anne perfectly... and Scarlette's Mary is sweet (maybe too sweet at points, but she really is good). Eric Bana is a handsome, troubled, and disturbing King Henry... which seems pretty true to life. It moved quickly, and packed a lot of history and betrayal into just under 2 hours. If you like historically-based movies, don't miss this one... unless taking a few liberties with history bothers you, then this one will bug ya. If you like romance and betrayal, see this one. If you just want sex and action, definitely skip it. ;-)

Updated (at 3pm): Can't believe I completely forgot this early, but after the movie, Ro & I went back to my house and Pat came over so that we could all have dinner together. Trav cooked a great meal of herb pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes (he infused the butter before mashing... and was rightfully very proud of himself), peas, and a salad. Very yummy. I'm lucky to be married to such a great cook! It was really nice.
After that we played golf on the Wii to burn off those mashed potatoes. :-)

Today its back to work. Hopefully for an uneventful week. Ciao!

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