I meant to post this stuff yesterday, but it was a bit of a rough day and I never got around to it. My starbucks treat got screwed up in the morning, I was out of oatmeal, the milk I had in the office went bad, I ran an errand with didn't have the result I wanted, then got rained on, and when I was out I scraped my arm on a construction fence, hard enough to draw blood. In addition to work stuff, all that just didn't leave me with the time or energy to post.

BUT! I'm here today, and its already a much nicer day.

So, lets talk about the weekend. Its already fuzzy because I have mommy brain and forget things 3 seconds after they happen... just call me a goldfish. But I do know it was relaxing!  :-)

Saturday we headed to my parents for some grilling and relaxing. Gwen played footsie with her Uncle Ethan. 

Daisy and Lady ran around like crazy beasts, jumping on each other and playing with Lady's frisbee, until they wore each other out completely.

It was nice, not too hot, not too humid.
Ethan rode back down with us since he was taking the bus down to DC the next morning to visit with friends.

After he left, we headed over to see Willy... with a pit stop at BBrUs on the way there and Carter's on the way back. Willy had surgery on Thursday to remove a spot of melanoma from his leg. He came through just fine and the doc did a great job. We had stopped by to see him on Friday after work, and he was doing even better on Sunday... plus he was able to remove the bandage. We did take a picture, but I won't subject everyone to it since its a bit Frankenstein-ish. But, for those who are curious like me, I'll stick it at the bottom of the post after the break.

I will give you photos of Gwen from the visit though!

She loves her Pappy so much... and the feeling is mutual! :-)

Monday we headed to Ro & Pat's place so that Ro & I could hit up the movie theater for Sex & the City 2... my belated birthday gift to her. The boys were on baby duty, and Gwen was apparently a bit fussy, but otherwise it was fine. We both enjoyed the movie a lot. There were a few parts I thought were a bit cheesy, like the were trying to recreate the moment from the first movie where Samantha feeds Carrie the yogurt in bed... but all in all, I actually found this movie a lot more relatable.

In other news, Gwen rolls now! Back to tummy, consistently. I don't have a picture of it... but I do have one of her doing tummy time.  :-)

And we got our 3-month pictures back! They look great, and I already picked out a few to order.

3 month gallery HERE... password is our last name  (email me if you don't know it, but want it. and let me know who you are!!)

Well, I have to get back to work, but Happy June y'all!!

(Stitched up leg picture below)

Looks pretty good, I think:

There are 80 stitches there!! The doc really did a great job.

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