I just determined this morning, that I have about 91oz in the freezer right now... go boobs!!!  :-)  That made me very happy.

Pumping still sucks it, but I'm only worrying about doing 3 sessions at work now... and am getting about the same amount total (as I was when trying frantically to squeeze in 4 sessions), and am a lot more relaxed for it. So that's good. Plus its a lot easier since I do them the same time everyday, so much easier to remember.

I'll admit it... I judge. I try not to, but I can't help myself with certain things. But I'm calling myself out. Here, in particular, are things I'm judging lately.
  • Not even giving breastfeeding a shot.
    BF is farking hard... so if you give it a real shot and for whatever reason can't do it... or if you have medical/emotional/psychological/physical things that prevent you from doing it... well, that's different. But if you just say from the start, I'm not breastfeeding, its your choice but yes, I'll judge you for it.
  • Starting your baby on solid foods at 4 months (or even earlier... I saw pictures of a girl I know feeding her 3 month old baby cereal).
    Unless your baby is have weight gain issues that require intervention... well, that is just too dang early! Countless studies have shown it, and I just don't understand why you would rush into that.
  • I definitely judge the man who was walking down the street masturbating the other day.
    But I'm pretty sure you guys are with me on that one. (What? Didn't hear about that one. I started off my Monday a.m. with a walk into work, on a very main street in Philly center city, where I had to pass by a man thoroughly enjoying himself. I passed a cop a block later and informed him he might want to check that out.) 

On another note, now I'm going to let you judge me.
Last night Trav and I had the sex for the first time since wee one came to join us. She's almost four months... so, yeah. Plus, I could probably count on fingers how many times we had relations during my pregnancy. So basically my husband is a saint. During pregnancy, first it was the morning sickness and the exhaustion, then the flu, then the exhaustion, then the completely unweildiness of the belly. After her birth it was the 6 weeks of postpartum bleeding, the sporadic bleeding since, the bedsharing, the exhaustion, and the hockey playoffs which have been bringing Trav to bed an hour after me many nights.

All that, plus the fear.

Yeah, I was sort of terrified that it would be no fun, painful, not cool. 2nd degree tear and stitches in my nether region, people. So I shot down his advances, and couldn't bring myself to make my own.

But last night the fates aligned, and I'm happy to report that, other then a few small twinges, it was not painful. It was, in fact, fun.   :-)  And that's all I have to say about that.

I'll probably have a post about food soon, since my mama has the best coleslaw recipe EVER and I'm in the mood to make it. Be on the look out, because people, its the bomb.

I love THIS article, and it is why I do, and will continue to nurse in public with no qualms.

It is a beautiful, natural thing. I'm not exposing myself, and I'm using my breasts for their intended purpose... so there.  Lol.

Now, advise from you, fellow internet goers. I'm interested in wraps. I have the Mei Tai and love it, but feel like its not as versatile as I'd hoped for... since I don't feel comfortable doing a back carry with her yet (another month or two and I'll give it a go), and you can't do an outward forward carry with the MT. Also, I have to wear her so low if I want to bf her in it that it wouldn't be comfortable. Not to mention, I can't tie the MT on, then pop her into it later. But you can do all of the above with a wrap.
I talked to a friend who has a Moby, and she loves it... but I heard it can be hard to get them tight enough (since they are a stretchy wrap) once they get past 15lbs. Her daughter is only a month, so I can't ask her about that. Gwen is already, I'm guessing, around 12... so I don't want to invest in a Moby and have her outgrow it in a few months. I've heard woven wraps are much better for that. So, it you're a babywearer... recommend your wraps!

On that note, I'm off to eat some lunch. Ciao.

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