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It's almost the weekend again, and I haven't even written about last weekend. This week has flown by, with lots of things getting left behind.

Yesterday was no help... I was home because my poor baby was sick! Fever of 103* sick. I woke at 12:30 Wednesday night/Thursday morning to my girl crying. Now normally when she wakes in the night she fusses a bit, grutses, but doesn't really cry. This was real... so I headed quickly to her bedroom. As soon as I picked her up I knew something was wrong, she was hot to the touch and clearly uncomfortable. So first I popped her on the boob and settled her, then I broke out the thermometer. When I saw her temp, well it was all I could do to restrain myself from sprinting with her to our bedroom and yelling at Trav that my baby needed to go to the emergency room. I did restrain myself though... poor Trav did NOT need to wake to that. I did call the on-call doc from the pediatrician's office though, and was told to do acetaminophen every four hours and call the office in the morning for an appointment. By the time we were in the exam room at 9:45 am her temp was down to 99*, but it shot back up to 103 by 1 o'clock. Luckily after that it worked its way back down and stayed down. Besides the fever, she threw up once (different then normal baby spitting up) and had two diapers that got way more then they signed up for... as did the onesies she was wearing at the time! But none of that since yesterday around 9am. The doc says its a stomach virus (there's one going around at the moment), and that we should just keep doing the generic tylenol, plus smaller feeds more frequently (easier on her tummy). As of 4:30 this morning, her temp was back to normal, and it appears to be staying that way, sans medicine. So we cautiously optimistic that she's on the mend. Her daddy is staying home with her today, and so far, so good!

The best part of it all, was how sweet my Gwenie was, even though she felt bad.

Both of those pictures are from yesterday. My lovely girl was still giving me smiles all day, even when I could tell that she was uncomfortable. We are so lucky.

So! Last weekend. It was a busy one. Saturday was my Pop's memorial service. It was really nice. In fact, the whole day was just Good. Gwen slept the whole 2.5 hours up, was a peach during the service (people kept saying, "wow, we couldn't even tell there was a baby attending!") which was a beautiful memorial to my Pop, it was wonderful seeing everyone... including faces I haven't seen in about 15 years, and the lunch afterward was nice too. The church that my grandparent's attended there, that the service was held at, has ice cream socials a few times a year to raise money for the church and as a way to bring everyone together. They make all the ice cream themselves, and it is wonderful! There had been one maybe a day or two before my Pop's service and my Gram had told them that they should leave us any leftover ice cream... well they did one better, they made extra, specifically for our luncheon. It was sweet, and wonderful, and just the taste of it brought back so many memories. In any case, the ride home was pretty easy as well... little miss wasn't so keen on being in her carseat anymore by the end of the ride, but I just slipped into the backseat next to her and she was easily distracted.

Sunday was rather more crazy, though still nice for the most part. Gwen and I headed up to the Lehigh Valley for the baby shower of a childhood friend of mine, turned cousin (by marriage). Its supposed to be a 1 hour 20 minute drive, but thanks to some torrential rain and a bit of traffic, it took closer to 1 hour 40 minutes. That however, was NOTHING next to the ride home. First it rained torrentially for the first 20 minutes of the drive, then I hit so much stop and go traffic on 476. Finally, just when I thought I was in the clear, we encountered an area of the Blue Route with two lanes flooded out!

That meant, of course, that everyone had to get down into one lane to pass that section. Luckily, after that it was easy going the rest of the way home... but the damage was done, and poor Gwen was stuck in her carseat for what turned out to be another 2.5 hour car ride. She was not thrilled.

On a nicer note, the babyshower itself was a very nice time. It was great to see everyone and I loved the chance to wish Megan well. Plus, we ended our drive with a rainbow:

Not too bad.

This weekend is luckily looking easier. We do have a drive in store, I have a hair appointment by my parents... but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to decide whether Gwen will be joining me or not. And Sunday is Father's Day, so we'll be celebrating with Trav, and staying close to home!

Other bits and bobs: 
I won another giveaway!  :-)  This time its some seed bombs from IArtU. Can't wait to "bomb" my neighborhood! Lol.

I've also been longing for some things lately, and I thought I might as well record them here...

- A nice lightweight, long sleeved sleep sack (for Gwen... obviously).
These are harder to find then they should be! It seems like all lightweight ones are sans sleeves, and all long sleeved ones are heavy, fleecey things. When its hot out and we have the A/C on in Gwen's room, I don't want something that is going to make her hot... but I want her little arms and legs covered, because overnight her skin gets chilly. I found one here (Urth Child - organic too!), but they are 35-freakin-bucks. I can't justify that.

- The BB Slen wrap in Blueberry.
I wrote about my interest in wraps before (here)... and I did some research and found the BB Slen. Its supposed to be one of the best wraps for the lowest price, and a great wrap for beginners and for back carries. But, at around $100, again, can't justify it. Especially since I do like my Mei Tai:

As does Miss Gwenivere:

And its even more comfortable now that she is big enough to wear her with her little legs out, as opposed to tucked in. We went for a nice walk in it the other night (about 35 minutes) and we were both comfy the whole time. Gwen alternated between looking around at things, and chewing on the side of the carrier!! Lol.
Still, that BB Slen would be awesome... ::sigh::

- That the Harry Potter movies would be now...
Not going to happen? Oh well, 5 more months.

On that note, I have to get back to work. Since I missed yesterday, and am off Monday (for Gwen's already scheduled 4 month check up and shots), I have three days worth of stuff to get done in just one. Time to get to it.

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