Just a quickie while Gwen plays on her playmat.

Lame = another clogged duct (lefty this time).

So clogged that I had milk up to the bottom of my armpit. Its emptied a bit since then... but its been almost 72 hours its still there. Almost 72 hours since my breast was completely emptied. No fun at all.

Also no fun is this cold. I decided to take a sick day today to recover (actually decided this at 1am, when I woke for the third time...). I was so looking forward to sleeping and reading and just relaxing. Well, daycare was canceled, so now Gwen and I are hanging out. It won't be quite the day I had pictured, not so relaxing... but hopefully we can take a nap together later, and I'll definitely read her some Harry Potter while we're nursing. I can sleep in tomorrow.

Its a good day to take off though... since my train isn't running anyway. We had some WEATHER yesterday. Humongous thunderstorm with hail and high winds. Reports of a tornado touching down. It was quick, but damaging. Trees down, power lines felled, windows broken. We really lucked out in the whole thing... it took me a while to get home since the trains weren't running... I had to hop the El, then would have taken the trolley, but my line wasn't running, unrelated to the weather, so would have taken the shuttle instead, but they were stopping short of my stop... so I hoofed it a few miles with a guy I ride the train with, and his wife picked us up and drove us to the train station to get our cars. That said, we were some of the first people to get their cars (and I didn't get home until 7pm)... and we have power, and no real damage, just a branch down in our neighbors back yard, and into ours. Daisy, the mulcher, is happy to take care of that for us.

Well, Gwen is done with the playmat, so off I go. A weekend awaits.

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