ten things tuesday...

  1. Finally got the clog out on Friday night... over 80 hours after I originally noticed it.
    I can't believe I didn't get mastitis, but I'm thanking my lucky stars. It took a combination of heating pad on the boob, lots of nursing, massage, dangle feeding (where you lay the baby down and crouch above them on all fours to breastfeed... feels ridiculous, looks worse... but the gravity is supposed to help), ibuprofen, and desperate prayers to get it out. My poor boob still feels a little bruised.

  2. Friday was not quite the stay in bed all day reading and eating bon-bons, recuperation day that I had envisioned, but it wasn't bad either. Gwen was sweet. At one point I grabbed my book, a toy for her, my drink, the dog, and headed up to the bedroom. We flipped on the A/C, and snuggled together on the bed. We played until she was tired, then I fed her laying down, so that once she fell asleep, I was able to just grab my book and have a leisurely lay and read session. Very nice, and very helpful for my tired self to get some down time. I'm feeling way better now.

  3. The weekend was mostly lazy, which was good since it was hot as all getout. In the 90s and majorly humid to boot. We didn't want to leave the house much. The one thing we did have was a handfasting ceremony on Saturday evening. It was fun. Hot, humid, buggy, and a large amount of driving, but fun! The location was beautiful. We pitstopped at Premise Maid for amazing, homemade ice cream on our way home too. Pictures when they are posted online, since I forgot to take my own.

  4. One week and three days until we leave for the Cape.
    I. Can. Not. Wait.

  5. I'm feeling out of sorts lately and I'm really hoping a week away with my family will help solve that.
    I don't know what's up with me, but my brain seems on overdrive and I just have so many things I want to do that I can't, or don't want to do that I have to, feel like I'm running constantly and don't have enough hours in the day, but at the same time don't know what I'm doing that fills up my day so much.

  6. Plus I'm really looking forward to a week away from work and this stupid breast pump.
    Work has been very busy lately, but at least it makes the days go by quickly.

  7. I am ridiculously, stupidly excited about the new HP trailer... have you seen it? HERE or HERE. Just about 4 more months! I'm rereading the last book now and its making me even more excited.

  8. The heat is finally supposed to break tomorrow, and I'm so glad... I can't do anymore days of 90s and 50+% humidity. Not right now, not in a row. I need a break, and thankfully we're supposed to get that this week. 80s tomorrow, then high 70s on thursday... its going to feel amazing. I'm hoping that helps to clear my head a little bit too...

  9. Looking back at my past few posts, I've been really wordy lately. And not all together so cheerful. Sorry about that! I think it all goes back to #5.

  10. This was supposed to be a cute picture of Gwen that I took over the weekend... a reward for making it through my doom and gloom, and non-pic posts of late... but my silly phone is having trouble sending the picture to my email at the moment... so I have nothing. Picture reward soon, I promise.

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