5 Things That You Can Find on my Bedside Table

  1. a Coaster - for the big glass of water that we bring with us to bed
  2. Double Picture Frame - with a pic of Gwen & I (from her three month shots) on one side, and an old picture of my best girl Babs & I on the other
  3. a Pad of paper & a Pen - for those nights when random things I meant to do pop into my head right before I fall asleep. that way I can write them down and not have worry about forgetting them keep me up!
  4. my Manual Boobie Pump - ready and waiting for me to pump in the a.m.
  5. my Alarm Clock - with the ringer set to sound like birds! :-) 

What's on your bedside table? 

1 comment:

  1. a pad and pen are a great thing to have! I should have this as well, but I always have my phone on the table :) Still doesn't help me though b/c I have trouble falling asleep most nights anyway b/c of thoughts...
    Other than my phone, lotion (my hands tend to be dry often.. not sure why) and my box of good smelling stuff :) that'd be it! Wish I had a lamp and a few other things.. but when it's in the morning I have a Spook on there as well :) it's his spot haha


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