things i'm looking forward to, and things that make me happy right now

LFT (looking forward to): Pedicures with my mom this weekend! (a belated birthday gift from me to her, and her first pedicure ever... she'll be a convert!)

MMHN (make me happy now):

LFT: Peach festival at Linvilla Orchards next weekend... mmm, peaches.


LFT: My birthday weekend... with Gwen's 6 month pro pictures, and a birthday lunch/dinner with my parents, and sleeping in... 2 weeks!


(This was in the morning yesterday, after she woke up to eat...
apparently she was still sleepy, and took a little nap in our bed while I pumped.)

LFT: Hoser's wedding, and the Celtic Classic, and the season that they occur in... FALL!!! 8 weeks.


(Food is going so much better now... she actually is figuring this stuff out and doesn't hate it so much. She's been eating about a Tbsp of cereal each evening, actually finishing it all for the last two nights.)

MMHN: Daisy is just the sweetest pup. I've been lazily trying to work on "stay" with her for a while and she just wasn't getting it. I had an ah-ha! moment the other day and realized that she already knows stay, she just knows it as "wait"!! Whenever we come inside after it rains, we always tell her to wait, and she stops so we can dry her off. So I've been practicing with wait for the past few days and she's been perfect. This morning I let her out on the front porch while Trav and I took Gwen out to his car before he left for the day. I told her to wait, and she did... sniffing the porch and watching us until I came back and "released her"... at which point she trotted after me around the house and to the back yard. Such a good girl!  :-)

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