Its August. How the held did that happen?!
I'm excited its here though. Nothing like turning the calendar over to a fresh page. It makes everything feel new and promising. And I love me some August... my birthday month. I do still love a good birthday.  :-)  And we have great things lined up for the next few weekends.

As for weekends, this past one was nice. Saturday we headed up to my parents since I had a hair appointment. I was also taking my mom out to get a pedicure as a belated birthday present. It was a lot of fun, and I think the results are cute.

(Sorry for the huge picture of my toes!!)
The evening was a little difficult, since we left later then I intended, arriving home after Gwen's bedtime. She was tired, cranky, and a bit worked up. So bedtime was an extended affair, and not so fun. 

Sunday was much lazier. We stayed home all day, leaving only to take a walk around the neighborhood with the pup for some fresh air. It was cooler out, which was so nice... and Gwen got to break out the baby legs in the morning.

I always thought they were the dumbest things... but some cute pictures on another blog, plus a coupon and a sale led me to own four pairs. Opps. I do like them though, and think they'll be great for the fall season, and let her wear some of her summer clothes longer.

They are also supposed to be great for protecting delicate knees when crawling starts... and we are on the verge! Right now she does an army crawl/scoot, as demonstrated here:

But she's been getting up on hands and knees, and rocking back and forth lately... so I know real crawling is right around the corner. Heaven help us.

For now, back to work!


  1. She is so cute. :-)

    I give BabyLegs 5 stars for crawling. You are going to fall in love with them all over again in a month or two!

  2. cute toes! I've never had a pedicure... I usually do my own thing but as of lately have been lazy about painting my nails and all that jazz.

    Gwen is getting so big - she's so cute and I love the video :) Thanks for sharing


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