6 months

Dear Gwenivere,
Half a year gone in the blink of an eye. It has gone just that fast and I still think of you as my tiny newborn. But you aren't a newborn anymore... instead you are my baby, growing quickly towards being a toddler. Growing up, and now sitting up, everyday.

Well we've reached 6 months of breastfeeding! I'm so proud of both of us. There are times it was hard... but it is such a wonderful thing we share. Our quiet moments together, nestled against one another, me feeding you. Its wonderful and I'm so glad we've stuck with it. While your newborn days have slipped away, this gives me a moment to slow down and observe you. To take in your tiny hands, your full soft cheeks, your fine downy hair. On days when we are cranky or rushed, breastfeeding gives us both some time to just enjoy being with each other.

And on how I love to be with you!
Sometimes, my love, you crack me up! You are starting to develop a bit of a sense of humor. You still don't give us your adorable laugh too much... but you have the best gummy grin. It is amazing walking into your room in the morning to get you from the crib, because the first time you see me your face just breaks into the best smile. You also give me that smile when I sing to you, or when I blow raspberries on your tummy, or when I eat your cheeks. And your daddy, well he just has to show up to get that smile.

You know who else gets that smile without having to work for it? Daisy. Oh my do you love that dog. You give her your fingers to lick when you are eating your oatmeal, and you love to grab at her, to feel her fur. She is one of your favorite things and we have to be careful how we are holding you when she walks up because you will dive at her, face first, just wanting to get your favorite furry thing. 

Heaven help us, you are getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth now... before we know it you're going to be crawling across the room, and then we are in real trouble! Forget we, daddy and I will definitely have our hands full, but poor Daisy... she'll be getting a run for her money!

You continue to grow and change all the time. You are constantly moving about now... constantly babbling... reaching for things. You love to practice sitting and standing, and are always reaching for new things. You are inquisitive and delighted by new toys or games. You continue to LOVE singing, especially A, You're Adorable and Oh, Mr. Sun.

You still aren't a great napper at home, but you are getting better. And at daycare you've just started napping for real nap lengths... like an hour to 2 hours! It's amazing. Right now you are also giving me a run for my money at night... waking 2 - 3 times sometimes, which you hadn't done for a while. Its definitely making mama a lot more tired, but I'm hoping this is a temporary, growth spurt induced regression. No matter what is causing it though, I'm trying to enjoy those middle of the night feeds as much as I can (while trying not to fall asleep!), because there is nothing like snuggling my growing-too-quickly girl.

I love you forever,

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  1. Aw meegz :) I love this entry! It will be something great to keep for her for when she gets older :) I have to say as well that I LOVE what you did with your page!!!!! <3<3<3 :) You have such a beautiful little girl :) <3


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