6 month photos, long weekends, and things to come

A few things I want to share.

First, I just saw this on facebook, and it just makes me even more excited for the Celtic Classic... only a bit over 3 weeks away!

Second, 6 month pictures!
If you know our last name, then you can view the full gallery here: (password is our last name, all lowercase)

If you don't know our last name, then you can see a few more pictures here: or email me to ask for our last name (email ----> ). Be sure to tell me who you are though!!

I just got THIS new necklace from a cute shop on etsy called Tiny Tokens. It has our names around the outside (travis . megan . gwenivere . daisy), with a little paw print following Daisy's. Its adorable. :-)

Now, on to our weekend.
I was hoping I would have pictures to share from the Birth Center picnic on Saturday... but I don't since it was actually on Sunday! Opps. I read the date wrong a few times and we showed up to the park with another group's picnic going on. So we just headed to an unoccupied area and ate our picnic on our own, which wasn't so bad. We already had plans on Sunday for lunch with Ro & Pat (my belated birthday lunch, since GG got sick that weekend). It was a lot of fun.

Monday I had off because of Gwen's daycare being closed, so we took advantage and had lunch with Deb and her twin boys. They are such cuties and it is fun to see how much they've grown.
Since it was such a hot day, we set up the blanket in the shade of their back yard and let the babies dip their toes in the pool. 

Gwen wasn't thrilled with the chilly water, but she loved all the nature!

(I had my hands full keeping her from eating all of the grass in Deb's yard!)

Then it was time to play the "let's get three babies to look at the camera at the same time" game. (Stephen had that paci in his mouth about 2 seconds earlier, but Gwen decided to steal it... she looks a little too proud of herself!)

(So he decided to eat her shoulder. LOL!)

I roasted some carrots when I got home so Gwen could try them for the first time... it went pretty well.

I think they are definitely her favorite so far.

Well, this has taken me all day to put together, so now I'm going to run so I can get home to my boy and my baby! Trav is home with her for the rest of the week, and frankly I'm a little jealous. Its so much harder to be the one to drive off, then it is to have them head out in the morning. Wish Trav luck.


  1. OK, first off, I love the 6 month pictures. That piano prop is too cute.

    Second, that necklace is awesome! I find it totally overwhelming to wade through the plethora of hand-stamped jewelry on etsy (it took me a month to commit to the pendant I got M for E's adoption!) and I would definitely call that a diamond in the rough. :-)

  2. Thanks K! For both of those.

    What pendant did you end up getting M?


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