peaches and movies

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we played together in the morning...

Then headed to the Peach Festival at Linvilla Orchards. Gwen hung out in the Mei Tai the whole time, except when I took her out to feed her. She was quite comfy and loved looking around at everything.

We looked at some animals, then took a hayride out to pick some yellow and white peaches, some concord grapes, and some peppers. If you've never had a white peach, you should try... its yummy! I gave Gwenie a little taste, though I don't think she knows whether she likes it or not.

(She didn't really get any "flesh" off... just licked it.)

I took a break to boob Gwen, and Trav got us lemonade and apple cider donuts. It was a lot of fun.

We'd received a coupon for two free 1-night rentals from Redbox... so we picked up Shutter Island on our way home. I liked it. Though it was less "ooo, scary" then I thought it would be, and more "where's the twist, I know one is coming".

Sunday daddy was a sweetie and let me sleep in a bit. For some reason Gwen was waking up about every 3 hours the previous night... 11:30, 2:00, 5:00, then up for good at 6. I couldn't do it, I was so exhausted that I could barely sit up. So I fed her, then Trav got up with her and went to play, letting me sleep until 8. It was lovely.

We headed to Ro & Pat's for lunch... bringing a apple crumb pie we'd picked up from Linvilla. 

After that it was home to watch our second free movie, Avatar. Loved this! It was a beautiful movie in so many ways. I'm so glad I finally got to see it.

And now we're back to work! Another week upon us.


  1. She is so adorable! I agree that it is crazy that we have 6 month olds! The time is flying!!!

  2. The Peach Festival sounds fun! I get a lot of different ads at work for different festivals - I had gotten one for a peach festival (as well as other fruit ones) and they sound/look fun!


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