so, i was wondering...

I was curious after my ranting of last week... what's your biggest frustration in life right now? What at this moment is not 100% where it should be? Share!

So... the weather has started to make its slow decent towards the loveliness of Autumn. I can't wait, but until we get there, these days in the 70s - low 80s are nice.

The mornings have been especially lovely, and I enjoy taking Daisy out and watching the sun sparkle off of dew covered grass and clover. Our yard looks extra beautiful under a rising sun:

The end of last week brought something new for Miss Gwen. Whole food! We started with some green beans.

We're going with the four tries policy, since that worked for the cereal.

So far, while she plays with them a lot and sticks them in her mouth, and nibbles... she is not a huge fan...

But she didn't like cereal the first few times, and now gobbles it down. So we'll try again tonight (try number four), and if that doesn't go over... then we'll try something new (probably lightly roasted baby carrots or sweet potatoes). Either way, she'll get to try something new in the next few days, but hopefully it will be in addition to green beans, and not instead of!

Saturday we headed to the Pop Shop, since I had a birthday coupon for a free meal. Mmm... this time I went with breakfast and Trav got the grilled cheese. And Gwen, she sat in her first restaurant high chair! 

We all enjoyed it.

Back home we did some cleaning (vacuumed the whole house... something we're going to be better about doing every week now, since girl is starting to move!), and put away the first of Gwen's things that's she's outgrown:

That was in our office upstairs, but is now in the basement. My baby girl, she's just growing like a weed.

Sunday we got some big thunderstorms. One came on pretty strong in the afternoon, and thanks to some clogged drains, we got this:

That canal is the alley behind our house... it was running fast and furious!

We were lucky to be up enough (there is a step down to the alley from our back yard) that we didn't get any flooding... but our neighbors two houses down were not so lucky:

That pond would be their backyard.

Another poor thing caught off guard by the little flash flood... this possum, who scrambled onto said neighbors fence to seek refuge. The poor thing was soaked, cold, and obviously scared.

Worse, its baby had been washed off of its back. Trav saw it being pulled towards the now cleared drain, and caught it before it was lost (and drowned). The neighbor get out a rake, which Trav gently lay the baby on, and they carefully held it out the the mom.

She have it a sniff, and then it was able to climb back onto her back.

It made this mama's heart feel a lot better... though I really hope that she had only one baby to begin with.

And that was the biggest stuff for the weekend.
Now its back to the work week, and while I'm sure it will still be busy, one of my coworkers is returned today. It's great to have her back and will certainly take a load off of my plate. Gwen's 6 month appointment is on Wednesday, so we'll get to see what she weighs now. Otherwise, same old week ahead!


  1. Give Trav a huge hug from me for saving the baby opossum!! I used to make my dad help me save tadpoles from puddles that were drying up and this story reminded me of that. :-)

  2. The possum saving made me tear up a bit!!!


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