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I wrote this years ago and found it in an old folder. I thought I would post it here just for fun. Its like reading one of my old diary entries from when I was a kid.  :-)   (And see, I've ALWAYS loved the name Gwenivere.)

It emerged slowly, the idea that maybe there was More... but once it came Gwenivere embraced it. And she started to look. Where could this More be? So she started with her boyfriend... "Benjamin darling," she asked, "where do I get More?" But he only laughed at her (he always knew his girlfriend was a nut), and told her that she would never have more then she did now; that he was the best she would get. So, Gwenivere said goodbye (and good luck) to him and went to look for More.

She went to some of her acquaintances and said, "Friends, where is More?" But they also laughed... "What could be more important then friends and shopping and hanging out and gossiping?" So, Gwenivere said goodbye to them and went to look for More.

It seemed though, that the more Gwenivere looked to others, the farther she was. So she stopped, and looked inside. And there was More!! More love then she had ever known from Benjamin, and more strength then she had ever gotten from her “friends”. Gwenivere was so happy that she decided to share this new treat. So she went to her best friend, "Pandora, look inside of you! There is More." And Pandora looked, and indeed there was More. So Gwenivere went to her neighbor and said, "Stephan, look inside of you! There is More." And he looked and there was More. Taking a break Gwenivere sat down and looked inside. She realized that there was even more More then before. And she realized, the more More you share, the more More is there.

Also, while you're here... I'm curious:

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  1. "My favorite thing to find here.." I just like keeping up with how you are doing and what you're up to! I love seeing all the pictures you post as well and videos :) I love "staying in touch" with you this way as well.. Still makes me miss you badly hun! Love you!


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