beauty in unexpected places

Between two brink houses, above a cement sidewalk, this big beauty came to rest on our wall. 

He gave my morning some lovely color.

(Thanks to Trav for taking these pictures and sharing his find!)

Ps. Just got done reading Lord of the Flies for the first time. Great book! It took me a little to get sucked, but sucked in I was. And by the end, I didn't want to put it down because I was desperate to find resolution. The parallels between this tiny island of boys and the adult world is beautifully done. Anyone who hasn't read it, should.

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  1. beautiful pictures! This is what I miss about living in an actual home... being up on the 3rd floor I don't get to enjoy these kinds of things.. :( *pout*

    Thank you for sharing as always! :)

    I had to giggle at the book you finished and posted these pictures of a butterfly :) What kind of writing is lord of the flies?


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