Some pictures to share, and Gwenie's stats. But just quicky quick, because then I have to get back to work (didn't get in until 1:30!).

6 month appointment went great, Gwen is now 13 lb 6 oz (10%), 25.5 inches (50%), and head 16.75in, something I've never noted before. Our doc was very pleased with all she's up to, saying that she's hitting milestones that she doesn't normally expect to see until 9 months. So that was great. She got two shots and an oral vaccine... and did fine, crying during and for 30 sec or so after. She's at daycare now, so we'll see if she was a crankpot for them.

Now some pictures to share... random ones from this week:

(Morning dew on the grass...)

(Puppy snuggles...)

(My swollen eye...)

(And to not leave you with that image, two cute outfits... the first made by Gigglepotamus, and the second a gift from Ro's grandparents, from Cabo San Lucas!)

Back to work for me. Ciao!!


  1. Hey! long time reader, but I think this is my first comment. Did your dr. say anything about her weight dipping? Ella only gained 10 oz between her 4 month & 6 month appointments which dropped her from the 50th% to the 17th& and her pedi gave me so much crap about it. Just wondering, I have a petite baby, she's skinny but gaining and it frustrated me that they tried to make me feel bad about it.

  2. Hey Rachel,
    Thanks for the comment... I checked out your blog and your babe is adorable! :-)

    As for your weight question, check out my angry, weepy post here: for the full glorious rant about her % drop.

    Basically the doc did give me some crap about it (she went from 25th to 18th to 10th % between 3m - 5m), but I just have a petite baby! She's growing the same way I did when I was a babe. She was still gaining each month, just less then some babies do. It definitely hurt that the doc automatically went something isn't going right, so I know how you feel.

    My struggle was between not wanting to outright dismiss what the doc was saying because I picked her for a reason(!), but as a mom, as the person who knows Gwen best, I felt that she was fine.

    I think it helped that she gained very well this past month, staying at the same percentile, and more importantly that she is healthy and thriving. She's hitting milestones, and overachieving in that regard.

    If you can look at your daughter and say, she is happy, is full after meals, is meeting milestones and thriving daily... then take your doctor's criticism with a grain of salt. They have a chart they follow, and not every baby matching those sloped lines. BUT if she isn't doing those things, or if you have any doubts, then talk to you doc about what you can do to help your little cutie gain.

    Either way, good luck. And feel free to vent here! Like I said, I feel ya!!

    (And thanks for the comment... more more! Lol.)

  3. Cute pics! I forgot Gwen was such a peanut in the weight category, probably because she looks so healthy and vibrant in all her pics. :-) And hey, from a practical standpoint, the lighter the (healthy) baby, the easier it is to carry them around and cuddle them longer!


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