10 things tuesday

  1. I'm so freakin excited that Autumn is around the corner... it is my absolute favorite time of year.

  2. Today is a nice preview of that with a high of 70*. (I'm wearing a lovely new soft long sleeved t-shirt, which apparently makes my boobies look lovely... according to Travis and a coworker. Lol.)

  3. I think lack of sleep finally caught up to me yesterday. Not only did I forget to lock the dogs crate before I left in the morning, but I then forgot all my pumped milk at work in the evening. Its fine since I had extra fresh bottles from the weekend, plus that is what the freezer stash is for, but it was definitely frustrating.

  4. But my first pump this morning, I pumped 5oz! So that was awesome!
    AND Daisy stayed in her crate anyway and was a good girl all day. :-)

  5. I woke up this morning with my left top eyelid all swollen. It feels like a sty (maybe?), so no big deal, but I just love walking around looking like I got punched in the eye.

  6. The trains were canceled this morning because of electrical problems, so I had to take a shuttle bus (standing room only) then the El (smelled like pee... yuck) instead. It made my ride in twice as long.

  7. I really really hope things are running *smoothly* by this evening (things are running again according to the site, but we'll see how well).

  8. Gwen's 6 month appointment is tomorrow and I'm excited to see how big she got. I'm also excited to spend the morning together.
  9. I'm dying to clean out my closet (and jewelry box). I have too many clothes and don't wear enough of them. I really need to sort them out and get rid of the ones that don't fit anymore, plus the ones I just don't wear anymore, so that I can see what "staples" I need. I sense a big donation to Goodwill coming soon!

  10. I'm also excited for my Monday off with Gwen (the 30th)... including lunch with Deb and the twins. Should be fun! 

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