What I came home to yesterday:

Such sweeties...

Trav has been doing really well this week. The first day (Tuesday), he said there was one incident when she wouldn't stop crying, no matter what he did, so he just held her. It lasted about a half hour and otherwise they were fine. The days have gotten better since. She hasn't been napping a lot for him, but they did take a nap together (as seen above) for an hour yesterday. They also went to visit Willy.

And today they came in to see me and my coworkers! That was wonderful!  :-)  I loved getting to have a mid-day snuggle with my baby. I also loved that Trav wore her in (and out). Gwen was great with everyone, only fussing once really. I have such a great baby. We got some pizzas, and I took some pictures, which I'll share tomorrow.

I wish my baby could visit me everyday. It doesn't make for the most productive of days, but it is super lovely. 

A random:
I'm enjoying the new little "stats" tab that blogger has on its dashboard. It definitely amuses me that "sleep stripping" is the top search that brings people to my blog. And I find it interesting that a bunch of my traffic is coming from Stephanie Klein's website. I'm guessing that some reads her, then pops over to me (Espo?). Anyway, its sort of fun.

Now I have to get ready to leave, so that's that. 

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