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I get annoyed when I'm clicking through my blog links and find that most of my favorite posters haven't updated. I have this "need to know" thing. But I've definitely not been a great updater lately, so Sorry! And Here I am Now!

Honestly, I was going to post yesterday, but then we had A Night. A Night to End All Nights. Seriously, it was the worst night we've ever had sleep-wise, including Gwen's newborn days. My poor babe had a rockin cold and it kept waking her, since she would get so snotty that she couldn't breathe clearly. She had been fighting going to sleep for a few nights prior, so I was all excited when she went down easily, in her crib by 7:30. Boy was I in for a treat. She did sleep for an hour... then woke at 8:30, 9:15, 9:45. We were up from 9:45 until about 10:30, when I unfolded the futon. I got her to sleep with my arm propping her up a little, until 11-something, then we were up until 12. I did get to sleep in my bed (her in her crib) from 12 until 1:30, then again from 1:45ish until about 3:45ish... then it was back to the futon and temporary bedsharing! We half-slept from 4:30 until 5:30, then a little bit more from 5:45 to 6:15 when we were up for the day... quite blurry eyed. In those times that she was awake, she would cry (poor bub was so uncomfortable and tired), eat, or lay in my arms sucking her fingers while I rocked her. Occasionally I would torture her by using the boogie sucker.

Anyway, so all that to say that yesterday I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone form coherent sentences! So I didn't make it here. Thankfully all by two other people in my office are in DC for a conference, so I didn't have to worry about my boss trying to engage me in conversation! Last night was better though, armed with a better boogie sucker, saline nose drops, and some Baby Vicks (which, by the by, smells nice) we approached bedtime with a sense of purpose. We were going to get a good night sleep, dagnabit! So we did the drops, sucked some huge boogers out, and then Vicked her up.

Then I dropped all the false bravado and literally fell to my knees and prayed, "Dear God in Heaven, I can't do another night like that... I am physically running on empty. Please, me and the babe need a good night sleep." I put it in his hands, then I hopped into bed myself, at 8:15!!

And she woke once at 10:45/11ish to eat vigorously, and slept the rest of the night away! I was still a little sleepy this morning, but I felt about 200x better. So here I am.  :-)

Anyway, this is already long, but lets backtrack for a minute with some cute pictures from this weekend.

Saturday was hotter then expected, but we trekked up to the Celtic Classic anyway. It was fun... lots of checking out the booths of goods with Nonnie, lots of food, some tossing of the Caber, and lots of men in kilts.

Nonnie and her grandbaby, so sweet.
My silly silly Loves.
Family picture.
I didn't feel well Saturday night... too much heat, too much salty food, too much men in skirts... so I went to bed early. Sunday Trav let me sleep in a bit while he took the babe shopping (thank goodness for that!). It was a much rainier day, so we stuck pretty close to home. I took Gwenie out to run some errands, and Trav got a lot of projects done around the house. All-in-all, pretty productive.

Now we're back to today. Everyone feeling better (Gwen still has some sniffles, but she is so much better for her good night sleep too). This morning we had an appointment for shots, and got some updated stats (I updated the month-by-month page), our little string bean is now 14lbs 3oz (~10%) and 26 in (~48%). My growing girl.

And that's all she wrote for now... time to finish up, pack up and get home to my girl! Wish us luck for another good night of sleep.

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  1. So glad you got some rest and Gwen is feeling better! I'll have to make sure I have the baby vicks on hand. xo


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