I'm a little frantic today... we have an event, and I have a few big projects that are needing to be done today. So I'm going to be in and out. But I had a moment of downtime and thought I'd come here.

We had a nice weekend. It too was busy (of course), but full of good things. Saturday I had a hair appointment, then my mom, Gwen, and I popped over to Bethlehem to see my Uncle Wray who was up from DC to do a book signing! I'm so proud of him. His wife Susie was with him, and Susie's daughter Megan and her son (who I like to call) TJ Finny were visiting as well. Wray got some nice shots (which I've sprinkled throughout).

Sunday Gwen and I met to go walking with Ro at the state park again. It was a nice day for it... and we rested for a moment at the little playground we pass to do some swinging.

Gwen was a fan!

It was my baby's first time on a swing by herself!!  :-)

And that's all I have time for... so I'll be back later! 

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  1. This first picture with your hair in braids is my favorite of all the baby photos I've seen. I love it!! The black and white is really nice.


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