It feels like the crazy, hecticness comes in waves. There will be weeks at a time when things are slow, and while I love that at home, I'm not a fan of it at work for more then a few days at a time, because then I have time to think about how much I'm not doing what I want to be doing. But inevitably things pick up, and boy do they seem to pick up, and there will be weeks when it seems like I'm going going going, and can't even breathe until after I put the babe to bed at night. That's great for at making the work days go quickly, but it also makes the rest of the day go too quickly as well, and leaves me a bit frantic and out of breathe.

Now is definitely one of the manic, go go go times.

The weekend was busy. Good... but very busy. And yesterday and today have been non-stop so far. The only reason I'm here now is because I decided to take a break from work while I pumped. Pumping, which definitely seems to suffer during this busy time. I get going on something, completely loose track of time and end up pumping late, and often I make myself feel rush. Getting off my schedule certainly doesn't help my supply, so its not good. But I'm being productive, which is good and makes me feel good. I'll just have to set some alarms on my computer to remind me when its pumping time!!

I've been working with an author on a monograph recently and its finally finished, so that should calm things down a bit. Its definitely nice to look at my desk and see it cleared of stacks of "things to do." Though I'm looking at the calendar hanging next to my desk and seeing lots of events coming up.


Ironically, here I am, hours later, just finishing this post from home before hopping into bed. I'm doing it on our shiny, new computer which is finally hooked up and running. It was time... our poor laptop was full to busting, slower then Hades, and just plain old. This new computer, our big Christmas gift to each other, while not top of the line, seems about 5,000x faster!!

But the day, like many, just got away from me and this is my first chance to wrap this post up and publish it. As a reward for the wait, Gwenie picture!

Taken after dinner tonight, when Gwen & Trav were playing around together. 
He was blowing raspberries on her back.

I'll definitely be back sooner... Thursday is 7 months!
Night all!

PS. Also wanted to share, and save for myself, this really neat article on grieving... The Way We Grieve Now

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