kitty poo and ice cube attacks

I've been a bad blogger lately. I keep opening the edit a post window, maybe typing something short, maybe not even that, having the window sit open for ages, then just closing it. I don't know why I just can't seem to find the [something] to write lately.

And on that note, maybe I'll start with the things I'm NOT going to blog about:
1. 9/11 (9 years ago, can you believe it)
2. the anny of my original (unfulfilled) due date

I almost feel insensitive, guilty for not writing about them... but at the moment I'm feeling that it won't be a good, emotionally cleansing thing for me, but instead a draining thing. So I'm not going to [period].

What will I write about? Well, lets start with the craziness of this past week.
My Wednesday started out a little rough... I came downstairs to the quite pungent smell of kitten poop. The kitty that was still there because the family couldn't take it the night before. So I got to clean that up... which is really just so fun post-shower and already in your work clothes. Then when I went to get some ice from the freezer, two of the trays stuck together and the one I wasn't holding went flying... hitting me with lots of ice. And cutting me! On my thumb and foot. My train buddy asked, what kind of ice do we make in this joint. Razor sharp ice, apparently.

But my day got better. A cute pedi, kitty off to her new home, and a very productive day.
I had a bunch of very productive days actually... productive and veryfuckin'busy. Half the office was out for the holiday (l'shana tovah!!), but work does not stop. Its probably a good thing I was so busy and distracted, at least on Thursday. Trav's mom is in town for a wedding and she really wanted to spend time with Gwen. So she watched her Thursday afternoon, something I was informed was going to happen Wednesday night. Them spending time together is a good thing, and it went very well, but I was just a tad nervous about it beforehand. Numerous reason, none of them anything against Nana, but the biggest was just that Gwen's having some stranger anxiety right now and by no fault of her own, Nana is a stranger. Gwen's only met her three times total (the pitfalls of living across the country!), and the last time was about a month and a half ago (aka. a quarter of her life!). Apparently there was about 30 minutes of tears after Trav left, but after a walk together and a bottle, they had a nice day together. And she was great about respecting our wishes for Gwen. So I really am thrilled that they got the time together.

And lucky Gwen got to spend today with my mom, her Nonnie, since Trav had a Lehigh game and alumni meeting, and I had a bridal shower for my sweet hoser. My mom came an hour earlier to give Gwen some warm up time, and to give me some help with Gwen while I finished getting ready. It went great... they played a ton, took some naps, and no tears. It was a lot of fun for me too... I loved seeing my hoser, Hannah, Ro, and some other great girls... though man do I wish we weren't two hours apart. I had to leave the shower a little earlier to get home, so my mom could get home. I was gone almost 7 hours and almost 4 of those were driving!! It was worth the trip though and I really hope that she had a fabulous time. No pictures to share right now since I didn't bring my camera. One semi-amusing anecdote though. Hannah is also a breastfeeding mama currently, so we had a little pumping party together halfway through. Two ladies, boobies out (don't worry, we were behind closed door). Motherhood really kills the modesty!!

Well, I'm going to head to bed now. I get the whole thing to myself tonight, since Trav is staying up at Lehigh. Hopefully Gwenie and I will both get some good sleep. And hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow morning so we can get to enjoy the beautiful fall temps we've been having, by taking a walk with Ro and GG. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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