cape cod pictures... part 1

First, Gwen's five month shots!

I can tell these shots are just going to get more and more difficult to take and amusing in results as the months pass. This month she finally seemed to discover Pumpkin the Puppy, and he ended up where everything else she discovers does... in her mouth!

Now Cape Cod... there are so many pictures, I decided to split this into two posts.

First off, my babe was sick right before we left... and she hadn't been sleeping well anyway (four month wakeful, I think). I ended up taking off to stay with her Thursday and Friday, and she felt better, but still wasn't 100%. So Friday evening, I did her night routine, but she was rather awake and distracted on the boob. I didn't want to fight with her to get to sleep, only to wake her as I put her in the carseat... so I took her down and told Trav we should just leave.

She fussed a bit to begin with, but fell asleep pretty quickly. The drive took about 6.5 hours, and she woke about three times... but I would hop in the back and give her some bottle, and she'd fall back asleep. We were pretty tired when we got there, so Gwen and I headed right to bed.

Saturday we woke like normal, and started visiting with Trav's oldest brother and his family, who had been there for a week already, as well as Trav's parents who had arrived the night before. Gwen took a good nap too.

Trav's oldest brother, Scott, and company left on Monday.

Cape Cod is a relaxing vacation. When Gwen would nap, I would read. The Quads came to visit on Sunday (pictures of that when I get some from Laura... I forgot to break out my camera!). During the beginning of the week we walked around Hyannis one day, ate at Baxters (our favorite clam chowder), got ice cream from 4 Seas, relaxed and visited. One night we had lobsters:

Trav let me sleep in one morning... and this is what I found when I woke up:

Then there was swimming in the lake. Daisy was so much braver this year... she would run and jump right in herself.

We also got to visit with a friend that we haven't seen since college. We met up for dinner one night.

Gwen wore some cute clothes:

Then we saw another college friend, Hannah (who's bridle shower and wedding I/we attended last year), and met her daughter Lucy. Gwen loves other babies right now, she couldn't keep her eyes off of Lucy!

Gwen never had a shortage of people to love on her! Here's her and her Papa.

She also stands for a bit now if you hold her hands for balance, so Trav had fun "walking" her around the room. :-)

On Thursday, Trav's middle brother Andy, his wife Megan, and their new baby Wyatt arrived. It was great to see them, and to get to meet our new nephew! Gwen loved him (again, loves looking at, touching babies right now).

He is a cutie, and I'm so glad they got to meet. Next year, they'll be running (well, toddling) around together!

Okay... more later! 

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