new things

Yay, I get to put a spoon in my mouth!! I love putting things in my mouth!!


There is something on this spoon...

Mama, I'm not so sure about this stuff.

Saturday we tried a little bit of baby oatmeal for the first time. Gwen was not so sure about this. She made the funniest faces. We just did a tiny bit, and once she stopped opening her mouth readily for it, we stopped.
Sunday we tried again, with about the same results. We'll give it a go again tonight and maybe tomorrow, then decide where to go from there. If she still seems to be really disliking it, then we'll take a break until the weekend or next week to try it again. We're not in any rush. If she seems to be getting more adjusted to it, then we'll keep going.

As for new things that were more enjoyable for Gwen... we also tried this out for the first time this weekend:

She had that look on her face basically the whole time. :-)  It was pretty damn cute.

This weekend was nice. We had a relaxing, low-key two days. I got to sleep in some on Saturday (Travis is an angel), and we popped into the city to have a nice brunch with his parents who are in town for a wedding. Sunday we stayed home, stayed in, hung out and relaxed. Late afternoon a big thunderstorm ripped through our area, and afterward... bliss! 70* outside with a gorgeous breeze. We threw open every window and door in the house to let the cool air in. It was wonderful to air out the place for the first time in weeks.

Now its back to work and back to the grind, and I'm doing my best to be positive and give my 100% at work. The break in the weather and extra relaxing this past weekend actually did wonders for giving me a better outlook. So I'm definitely going to keep looking, but am not going to be miserable about it in the meantime!

Thanks all for the advice and commiserating on my last post... keep it coming! 

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  1. The picture of her in her swing is just too cute! :)

    That storm that had come through that day was GREAT! It was so beautiful out after that. This weekend has be gorgeous as well! I wish all summer was like today.


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