fun february weekend, part 2 (a tiring part)

This weekend we had Gwen's first birthday party!!

But let me back up, because it doesn't really start there... and there is a reason I haven't written for days. Thursday I left work early, because you know how I said we were all feeling better? Gwen made me a liar, spiking a 102* fever. Again. So I headed home to get her, and we hung out Thursday afternoon and Friday. Her fever was up and down, up and down.

By Friday afternoon we needed to get out of the house for a while, so I bundled Gwen up, tied her on, grabbed the dog, and we went for a walk around the block.

Fresh air leads to naps:

Sleep though, was not great for the most part. Between fever and stuffy nose, she was up about every 40 minutes for the first part of every night! So she slept with us most of the weekend.

Unfortunately, Saturday morning (b-day party morning) the fever was still present, so we headed to the pediatrician. Not how we wanted to start the day, but better safe then sorry. Doc said that it was just a virus (no strep, no ear infections) and has to run its course... so tylenol, motrin, lots of liquids it is. We go back next week for her regular 1 year check up... lets hope we have some good weigh gain by then. She's hasn't been eating very well with all this sickness (plus teething... 3 more have broken through the gums, with one about to anytime now), and her weigh gain isn't great.

Back on to the good stuff. The party must go on... and since it was at our house with all but one guest being an adult, we felt comfortable continuing the party (we did alert the one guest bringing a kid).

The finished banner.

Newborn picture - permanently attached.

Now picture - temporarily attached, so it can be replaced yearly.
It was great having everyone over to celebrate with us. My parents came down, Ethan came up, Ro & Pat & GG were there, as was Willy and his lady friend, Lorraine. 

It was small, but fun. We at loads of food, and my dad played with the babies.

Gwen wore two dresses... one pre-cake, and one post-cake.  ;-) 

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the cake to share... since I was busy bringing it out and Trav was video taping. Hopefully I'll have video to share soon, and maybe I can get some stills from that, or my mom might have taken some pictures.

Midway through the party we ducked upstairs for a minute and Sky.ped with Trav's parents. We finally broke down and got a webcam, and I'm glad we did, since its great for them to see Gwen and visa versa.

Willy came upstairs to for the first time too... which also made it worthwhile. Lol.

Birthday girl had fun, despite illness... and by Sunday she was fever free!! Thank goodness.

Sunday Gwen and I rode with Ethan into the city to see him to his bus. The trip was nice, as was the extra time with my brother, and it wore Gwen out.

Love a snuggly, sleeping baby.

After that it was back home to pass the rest of the day with just the three of us. Thankfully last night, today, and tonight Gwen has eaten so much better! I'm hoping we'll post a good weigh gain next week.  Sleep was a bit better last night too. Not anywhere near the loveliness of last week, but so much better then the horror that was this weekend. Hopefully that continues to improve too.

As for today... well a big Happy Valentine's Day to all!!
We had work and all like normal (super busy for both of us)... and besides making Trav some really bitchin cookies last night (seriously, make these!), we are keeping it very low-key. We never go out to eat on the actual day, and this year we are just otherwise distracted. But Trav got a new belt, and I got some great snow boots (romantics, aren't we?), so we're satisfied.

For now though, I'm running off to eat some cookies and snuggle with my husband. Hope your weekend and Valentine's Day were good...  :-)

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