when it rains it pours...

Literally and figuratively. Its pouring outside right now, and I actually heard some thunder. There are wind warnings in effect too. Crazy! I'm glad to be inside right now.

In a more figurative sense. I just found out my Aunt died this morning. She had been in the hospital, very sick, for a few days. It was not unexpected. Still, very very sad. I hadn't seen her in a while (since college, I think), since she is my Uncle's (by blood) ex-wife, but we kept in contact and she was a great lady.

I also just got a call from my dad that my Gram is back in the hospital for issues with her sodium levels. They keep dropping dramatically and the docs can't figure out why. They always seem to get it resolve, so I'm sure she'll be fine... but its scary and I want her to be well.

My supply has also plummeted because of my illness on Monday night and hasn't recovered yet, though its getting better. I'm running out to get some fenugreek/blessed thistle ASAP.

Other then all that, life is good and things are progressing as normal.  :-p 

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