ten things tuesday

1. I'm all thrown off on what day it is, since I had Thursday off for weather, worked Friday, weekend off, Monday off for sick baby, and am working today. I keep thinking its Monday or Thursday, but not Tuesday!

2. Gwen's bug was shared by two of the other babies in her class. It was a quiet day for her teacher yesterday and today! She still had a fever last night. Trav is home with her today, but says her temp has been normal all day and she's acting fine. So glad my baby is better, but hate that she was sick to begin with.

3. I really, really, really want THESE shoes... but I don't normally spend that much (and that's the cheapest I can find them). They are a good replacement for the shoes I currently have (THESE, which apparently aren't made in the green anymore), which "broke" along the bottom, but I can't justify spending that much.

4. Especially since Trav just got me THESE (in Cinder/Pom Pom) really good winter boots (which I also really needed) for an early Valentine's Day gift (how romantic are we... Lol).

5. Stupid, favorite pair of shoes breaking. Crying

6. My boss is working from home today, so its a bit quiet. Thanks to that I was very productive this morning.

7. I'm starving today. Seriously, I can't stop eating. Maybe because the babe was using me as an all-night-buffet/pacifier last night?

8. Nights like last night are a prime example of why I'm so glad I have a husband who's supportive of bedsharing. I would be dead today if I'd needed to get up and down every time she woke up.

9. Nights like last night are also a prime example of why I'm glad we don't bedshare all the time anymore!! We will bring her into bed in the morning, to get some extra sleep, or when she is sick and extra needy... but otherwise she sleeps in her crib. I love snuggles, but by this morning, I was completely "touched-out".

10. Hey look, I actually made it to 10!!  Stick out tongue  I'm going to eat some oatmeal to celebrate. Lol.

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