fun february weekends... part 1

[I started to write this yesterday, meant to finish and post it then too... but I ended up being so productive work-wise, that I didn't end up coming back to blogger. I had to work late for an event, didn't get home until about 20 til 9, so I didn't even get a chance to pop back on the computer then either. At least I got a ton done. C'est la vie, here it is now!]

February is a full month for us. In weekends ahead we have Gwen's birthday party, 1 year photoshoot with Brandy, a hair appointment, maybe a trip to NYC. This past weekend we had GG's 2nd birthday party. It was at a place called Wonder and it was pretty fun.

They had a blow-up play area for smaller kids. Gwen had a great time crawling all around it.

(Rocking out the fuzzy vest from Auntie Babs...)

They also had a bit area for bigger kids to climb through... it had tunnels and ropes, and slides. Trav helped Gwen try out the slide:

GG had fun... especially when they brought out the cake:

Here's Ro looking pretty cute at 25 weeks:

Sunday we enjoyed the fact that it was a balmy 40something and went for a long walk, then a trip to the grocery store, before settling in to relax for the rest of the day. It was really nice.

Also nice, the fact that we all seemed to be "mended"... I had no more stomach issue, and Gwen, though a little stuffy, was otherwise healthy again.

However more fun has arrived. The bottom two middle teeth, which she's been working on for a while, have finally broken through the gum line (just a corner of each so far). This morning her gum actually started bleeding a little.  :-(   My poor babe. Hopefully they'll be completely through in a day or two.

Completely unrelated to anything above, but I couldn't not include them... two pictures of Gwen eating yogurt. I normally feed it to her from a spoon, but often now, I'll load the spoon and she'll stick it in her mouth, then hand the spoon back for more. I thought she might be interested in trying to reload the spoon herself, so I put some on a container for her. Well, she reloaded the spoon once, but they figured out it was much faster to just suck the yogurt straight from the source... lol.

She's not wrong, but that wasn't exactly how I thought it would go! Lol. Girl loves her peach yogurt though.

And with that, I'm off to grab a hot chocolate to power me through my afternoon.

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  1. Weekend in NY?!? Yay! When, where, can I see you?


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