4-day weekend

I am really, really not made for this weather. The good news is that this particular bout of 90+* temps and crazy humidity is almost over. The bad news is that it was here in full force for this long weekend, restricting our level of activity. Pat and Casey came over for the 4th, which was nice, but we spent the whole day hiding inside. After Gwen was down, Trav hung out while I wandered down the street to check out the fireworks.

Trav had to work Friday, while Gwen and I had off, so we met him for lunch; plus read lots of books, watched a few videos, and got creative with ways to have fun while staying inside. One of those was baking some yummy whole wheat muffins with apples:

Saturday I wanted to hide inside, but it was clean up time at Ridley Creek, so I braved the temps, and rewarded myself with an ice cold shower. That afternoon we headed to Trav's Aunt's place for a belated 4th of July picnic. It was great to see family, and Gwen had an awesome time running around with her cousins (actually Trav's cousin's son, so second cousin once removed? and Trav's other cousin's daughter's daughter... so... I have no idea).

It was hot though, and even though we all tried to stay hydrated and in the shade, we all ended up completely beat. I went to bed early with a headache, and we all slept hard that night. Gwen was definitely worn out... she woke up and came to bed with us at 6:30, but fell back asleep and we all slept until 9:20!! I couldn't believe it. We celebrated with breakfast at a local diner.

After that Trav had to get read for the last day of tennis. It was supposed to be last weekend, and we had the party for Joe last weekend, but the actual tennis part got rained out, so this weekend it was. We braved the outdoors again so Gwen and her friend Ava (Joe's granddaughter) could have some fun in the pool.

Thankfully a rainstorm blew through and cooled it off for a few hours that night. Now we just have to make it through a few more days and this weekend we'll get to enjoy some temporarily cooler temperatures.

Hope your (long?) weekend was fun and cool.

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