and then her garden grew

Thank goodness that nature, in its infinite ability to thrive and triumph, will keep a garden growing even when it is getting so much less love then the previous year's garden. Oof. My poor, unloved garden. Oh its being watered (especially thanks to all these downpours lately!), and we've been known to wander over and pick a weed or two, and my husband has cut back my squash plant once or twice since it was encroaching on his peppers. Otherwise though, its gotten none of the careful TLC we dolled out last year. The days it rains, we don't even look at it.

Yet, its blossomed!

I picked that beautiful squash right after I took these pictures.

And it is definitely getting a bit more attention now that it is giving us squash and peppers a few times a week.

Oh, and I've picked and frozen so many huge, beautiful mint leaves (love them in lemonade, or in plain water).

A little peek at my lilac bush, which is also growing in nicely:

Last year.

This year.

Thank goodness for nature's enduring power, because this distracted girl can still enjoy the fruits of her non-labor!!

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