much needed laziness

Holy Hades, it is hot outside today! It was already hazy and in the 80s by 8am, and now its in the mid-90s and feeling like triple digits. Its going to be a hot, hot week.

Thankfully, while it was hot this past weekend, it wasn't yet that bad. Better yet, we had no plans! NONE! After having something every single weekend day in the month of June, it was so nice to have the chance to do as little as we wanted.

Gwen had only two requests, the playground and Harry Potter. 

So Saturday morning we walked down to our local playground, and that afternoon we relaxed and watched the first Harry Potter.

Then she played with the camera on my phone:

We have a wedding to attend in two weekends, and with that, Gwen's first time sleeping over at someone else's house (without us). She'll be spending the night at Nonnie and Papa's place, and she's pretty excited. We pulled out the pack and play to see if she still fits (she does, for now), and she decided she wanted to hang out in there and play. 

Sunday we hit up a different park, one that we are loving. Its farther away, but has a great play structure and amazing shade. So important when the sun is scorching hot.

It also has (behind those trees) some tennis courts and a roller hockey rink! 

An hour here was enough to wear us all out, so we headed home for a late lunch and the second Harry Potter.

I think it must have been all the running around and together time, but Gwen was the sweetest for bedtime last night.

Now its time to focus on staying cool this week. I picked a ton on sweet mint from my garden, which I then washed and bagged the leaves. I keep it in the fridge so I can add a leave or two at a time to my ice water. Super yummy and refreshing, and helps me drink more of the cold stuff. What are your stay cool tips?

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