hello july!

Our last weekend in June was looking pretty empty, until we actually got to it. Saturday morning we ran out to get some pictures taken.

Since Brandy passed away, we haven't found a new photographer to use, so these were from Target portrait studio (Trav got a groupon), but we're pleased with how they turned out.

After that Pat and Casey came over for lunch. Ro and GG are out of town visiting some family, so we figured it would be nice for Gwen and Casey to wear each other out a bit. First though, we headed into Philly for an all you can eat ice cream social!

Sunday I headed over to Ro & Pat's place to entertain Casey while Pat mowed the grass.

Then it was back home for a little party to celebrate 25 years of the tennis program!

Unfortunately tennis itself was actually rained out, but it was still fun to celebrate!

It was a great weekend, but I am very glad that it is a short week this week, and that the coming weekend looks pretty low-key. Of course, we'll see how long that lasts!

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