mawwage is what bwings us togeder today

Friday we left work and started our week of vacation. A much anticipated week, I might add. First things on our vacation agenda: a sleepover for Gwen and a wedding for Trav and I.

Our neighbors', the ones we hang out with all the time for tennis and motorcycle sitting, younger daughter (another Megan) got married on Saturday, and we were happily in attendance. The wedding actually took place only 25 minutes from my parents', which worked out beautifully for spending the morning with them (and giving my mom her belated birthday presents), then Trav and I heading to the wedding location, while Gwen stayed with my parents for her very first sleepover!

She rocked it out. She was so excited to sleep over with Nonnie, that she barely even waved goodbye to Trav and I! She played nicely with my mom and dad, had no meltdowns, and went to bed nicely for my mom. They set the pack and play up in their room, and we brought a bunch of stuffed animals and blankets. Well, she slept great for them. I was so relieved.

The wedding itself was beautiful. The ceremony was outside and there was a moment when I was watching the bride and groom exchange vows, the sun was just shining so beautifully, and behind them a few butterflies were fluttering around a flower bush. It was just so perfect.

The rest of the night was fun as well, these families know how to cut loose and have a good time.

Trav and I looked pretty nice too... we can get cleaned up pretty well when the occasion calls for it.

This morning my mom and Gwen came by and we all swam for a little while before all heading home.

Now we're getting ready for the second part of our vacation... camping!!
Anyone else taking trips this summer?

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