Dear Gwenivere,
Today you are 3 and a half years old. Time continues to fly at an alarming rate, and you just keep getting bigger, faster, smarter, funnier, sassier, and stronger. There have been a lot of big changes for you in the past 6 months, and while they haven't always been easy, its amazing how you've adapted to each and every one of them.

We've had some trying moments my love. You've picked up a whining habit with your Daddy and I are none to pleased about. You also have some days where everything is just too much for you, and you'll get home to the security of your family and just melt down. Those are frustrating times, my love. But there are times when you look me in the eyes and say, "Mommy, I love you so much. You are my best friend." You've also picked up the endearing habit of wrapping your arms around my neck and playing with my hair. Its a comfort mechanism for you. Frankly, I find it comforting too. You will also pat me lightly on the back while resting your head on my shoulder. Those are the moments that melt the rest away.

You were so not a fan of potty training, then, all of a sudden it just started working. In March you started pooping in the potty. In April, you had a day where you kept your pull up dry all day. We started you with training pants. By May, you were in real underwear. There was a point when I thought you were going to potty train yourself before you even turned 2, then a point when I dreaded potty training and thought you would never keep yourself dry, but in the end, it happened so much smoother then I could have imagined. At this point, you are completely day trained, even through naps, and will sometimes even wake up in the morning dry. Its so great knowing that I don't have to dread you telling me you have to pee... you can actually hold it for a bit so I can find a bathroom!

In the last 6 months, you've also weaned from nursing. I wrote about it in detail already, but you managed to make it such a smooth, easy process. Two months out, and its still so positive. You don't ever look for it or need it, but you are still so positive about "milkies" in general.

At 3 and a half, you can count to 20 easily, and to 30 with a little help. You love doing simple addition and subtraction with your Daddy. You can read all your letters, and have started sounding out words that you want to spell. You love Sesame Street, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You love to read.

At 3 and a half, the collection of stuffed animals in your crib has exploded! You still love your blankie, and will finally use a blanket without me having to sneak it on you after you fall asleep. You still love having the golf balls in your crib, though that one seems to be fading away. You love t-shirts, and refuse to wear dresses 95% of the time.

Gwenie, yesterday was my birthday, and you were so excited to give me the presents that you had worked on so hard with your Daddy. You guys made me a necklace and some earrings, by taking special molds that you fill in with colored gel that dries and hardens to look like stained glass. Anyway, you were so excited that you rushed into the bathroom while I was still in the shower, pressed against the shower curtain to show me the box it was in, and had to be persuaded to wait until I was done before opening my present to show me! LOL. Your excitement, my dear, is contagious! 

Everyday you get bigger, bolder, and more grown up. I feel so very lucky that I get to experience life through your enthusiastic eyes. You have a determination that I hope you keep through all your days. While right now you use it to make sure you are called the appropriate nickname (No Mama, I'm not your Baby Cakes today... I'm your Love Muffin!) or to drive your Mama and Daddy crazy, it is a trait that will absolutely serve you well in life. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Love you so so much Goosey,

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