wistfulness sneeks in

To sound like a Victorian novel for a second, I think returning from holiday has me engaging in a bit of fanciful whimsiness that leaves me distracted. It also feels like fall today, which has me feeling wistful and counting down to things.

9 days until my birthday. 31 feels a lot older then 30 for some reason.
18 days until New Hampshire
3 weeks until Cape Cod. 
Less then 7 weeks until Autumn. (47 days to be precise)

The summer has passed so quickly this year. I guess we've been busier. As always I wish I were going back to school with the impending season, but instead I'll content myself with the fun random adventures we have planned. The Celtic Classic, a few football games, hopefully even a trip out to Lancaster.

For the moment though, I'll try to get my head out of the clouds and get my work done.

{just write}

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