flying solo weekend

This morning was a great Monday morning. I was tired, but getting ready went so well for everyone. Gwen was in a great mood, super cooperative, and everyone got off on time. She had a nice surprise when she left too, since the street above us is getting repaved, so she got to take a few minutes to watch the "really big trucks!"

Lets jump back to Thursday though. My birthday! I was treated, let me tell you. Coworkers took me out to lunch, and Trav and Gwen cobbled together a great dinner for me. My favorite macaroni & yeasty cheese, and sushi!  :-)

They also picked up some cupcakes, and ice cream, which Gwen greatly enjoyed.

This past weekend, Trav had a bachelor party to attend. It started Saturday morning in NYC, so he headed out Friday night to stay with a friend who lives in Northern New Jersey. It didn't end until late Saturday night, so he stayed with the same friend on Saturday night. Meaning it was just Gwen and I for much of the weekend. It went pretty well. If it weren't for the fact that Gwen was a bit sick with a cold, and had reached the crazy point with her inhaler (aka corticosteroids!) I think it would have been great. I really need to talk to her doc about switch her inhaler though... she just does not do well with this one.

Anyway, after a not great ride, during which Gwen thankfully fell asleep for a bit of much needed nap, she and I had a really wonderful time visiting with my parents on Saturday. My mom cooked some of my favorites: tuna turnovers and blueberry crumble. They also gifted me with some books and another yoga card for my favorite studio!

We hung around and enjoyed the beautiful weather (with accompanying amazing sky) for the whole afternoon. We ate a pizza dinner before heading home.

Its always a little weird being "home alone" after Gwen falls asleep when there are no other adults around, but I have to say I really enjoyed my quiet time. And I managed to get to bed early both nights. A good thing since Saturday morning Daisy had me up at 6, and Gwen was up for good by 6:30.

Sunday I had a great lie in until 7:30! Gwen and Daisy both slept late thanks to a tiring day the day before plus a slightly later bedtime (Gwen), and having the foresight to pull her into bed with me the night before (Daisy).

It was a chilly, overcast day (not complaining!!), but we found some fun outdoor activities to keep us moving.

Puddles make bike riding even more fun! For everyone.

Since I wasn't sure exactly what time Trav was going to be home, I decided to just head out with Gwen and keep her entertained. After a quick lunch, we headed to Linvilla Orchards to check out the farmer's market, garden market, and barnyard.

Trav was home by the time we got home, so I did some things around the house while Gwen and Trav played together. We were all in bed early.

Now we just have to get through this week (and the return of the summer heat), and we're on to New Hampshire and Cape Cod (and its accompanying cool weather)! Can't wait.

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