adjusting back

Mondays are bad. Mondays after vacations are the worst.

Honestly I'm having a lot of trouble transitioning back to regular life. It took most of Sunday to just make our house not look like someone ran around throwing our drawers up into the air. It still isn't clean, but at least its not covered in dirty clothes, camping supplies, and toys anymore.

My work inbox was pretty full too, but at least that I can simply minimize when I can't stand the sight of it anymore.

Last week was so wonderful though. A great mix of getting dirty and getting glammed, being lazy and being active, seeing family and just being together as a family. And only 3 more weeks until we get to do it again! (Though thankfully an even lower-key version, in the Cape.)

I never wrote about visiting with my Uncle Wray and Aunt Susie, but it was great. I love watching Wray and Gwen together. They are calm and quiet and deliberate together, everything I could hope for. Gwen adores Susie too, she does all the voices in the stories and has a contagious laugh. She loves them, loves their house, loves their boat and the water and their pup Zooey. I do too, but I think its just as wonderful, if not more so experiencing it through Gwen's eyes. I'll post more pictures later (as I can steal them from my Uncle), but here's one each of Gwen with Wray (and Zooey) and Gwen with Susie.

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