ball pits and fall leaves

One week to go until our biggest event of the year. One week to go until things maybe settle down a little. So probably at least one week to go until posting gets more regular.

But I'm here with a super quick weekend update. It was a good one.

Saturday ended up being so much busier then I realized it was going to be. First we hit up a friend's birthday party at a local play gym. It was the same one we used for Gwen's 3rd birthday, and while she required a constant companion that time, this time as soon as we got into the gym part, she was off and running.

Trav headed out a little early to head to an Intro to Brewing Class with Pat (my anny gift to him). He was gone until after dinner, and when he returned it was my turn to head out with Ro to go into the city to see the musical Once.

We had amazing seats and it was a fabulous show! I would see it again and again.

I didn't end up getting home until almost midnight, so it was a long day.

Thankfully Sunday was much lazier. Trav let me sleep a bit, but ended up waking me at 9:30 since he had a headache. He was back up for a bit at 11:30, but unfortunately the head returned as a migraine by 3, so he was in bed from then until our alarm at 5:30 this morning!!

So Gwen and I hit up the park, did some dishes, ran to the store, and cooked dinner together.
It was a gorgeous day at the park, so we got some great pictures. 

She wanted to take one of me...

I've been craving risotto, so I whipped some up with dinner.

And one more, just because it cracks me up:

My daughter housing some pasta. So like her Mama.  ;-)

Now its back to the grind. Hope your weekend was relaxing!

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