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Two years ago for Thanksgiving, I had the idea to do Thankful cards to use on Thanksgiving day. It was a larger gathering as it was my Grandma's last, and we all wanted to be together for it. I though with the larger group it might be fun to do something different then just going around and saying what we are thankful for, hence the cards. We all wrote our thankfuls down on the cards, tossed them into a bowl, then took turns picking. We read off each others notes of gratefulness, and tried to guess to whom each one belonged. It was a different take on a traditional idea, and a lot of fun.

The idea was a sound one, my cards however could have used some upgrading! They were fine, but nothing fancy. Nothing like these gorgeous things:


I've loved the stuff on Minted since I first saw their Christmas cards, so I was pretty excited to find out about their new blog, Julep. It's full of gorgeous free printables (like the thankful cards above!), DIY ideas, and basically everything that is the home decor touches version of their beautiful cards! They have new ideas for every season and I am loving all of the Thanksgiving ideas.

They seem to have something for every taste too, from rustic to glittery, and tons in between. You know I lean (way way over) towards the rustic side, but I'm considering making those gold leaf pumpkins for one my girlfriends! And I've already started designing a 2014 calendar for a Christmas present.

If you enjoy beautiful things, of any variety, then you will find something you like on Minted (and Julep).

Have you checked out Minted when looking for holiday cards? Have you purchased anything else there?

Disclosure: I was contacted by minted with the chance to write a post about their blog Julep for which I was compensated, however all words and opinions expressed here are my own. As always, I only work with companies who's products I truly like and would buy for myself.


  1. I love this idea. I have just learned about minted for cards, and I cant wait to go check out the site for DIY ideas. Thanks for sharing

  2. I just found Minted, and I'm kind of obsessed. I love their uniqueness and branding! Thank you for sharing about Julep, I just bookmarked them to check them out :)

  3. I've never used Minted but will be ordering Christmas cards soon so I'm definitely going to check them out!


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